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    Feb 2012

    SEO tips? I'm building a site and would like some help with SEO please!?

    I'm currently building a website and am looking for tips to get my site ranked high in the search engines.

    Any help appreciated!

    Thanks in advance

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    Build a website that is useful to your target demographic and promote it without spamming

    If you build a useful website that people will like then they will spread the word and the rankings will reflect that

    If you build a crappy spam site just give up now

    I hope this helps with the limited inforation you have provided

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    Feb 2012
    1,You need onpage well your site
    2,Create content fresh and interest
    3,Create account social netword as facebook,twitter,pinterest,... to pr and get traffic
    4,Create backlink

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    Apr 2012
    Few things which are necessary to grab traffic to a new site is keyword optimization and keyword research. Then it comes to social media marketing, social bookmarking and link building.

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