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    Jan 2008

    Which CMS is better?

    Having taken my eyes off the game for about 18 months, I'm wondering if anyone would care to suggest or recommend a Content Management System. Specifically, one that would allow the (dreaded) 'client' to make updates to their own web site ... preferably without too great a risk of disaster due to the client's total ignorance of all things technical & design related.

    Opinions/suggestions/comments welcome and thanks in advance ...

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    Jul 2006
    The 3 most popular are Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla. They all have their own strengths/weaknesses.

    20 people could answer here saying why the CMS they use is the best - but, it's best for you to spend a few days, install each of them actually make a basic site, and see which one you are most comfortable with.

    For me it's Drupal - which I think is fantastic, but just as many people will say Wordpress or Joomla and still others will mention many other CMS's which is working for them just as well.

    Good luck

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    I've asked around the office and most people here would recommend Wordpress or Joomla

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    Jan 2011
    I work with wordpress mostly. I have tried Joomla and disliked it. Joomla loses the simpleness compared to Wordpress in my opinion.

    Just saying you want to use a CMS doesn't really help a lot. Wordpress is more used a a blog, but still capable of making a full site like another. While Joomla more of a content site rather then a blog.
    As e107 is also a good CMD for Gaming Clans, mostly due to it's permission base/easy downloads/forums are already built in and ready to setup.
    Then you have ZenCart, it's a great site/Online Shopping CMS, really effective. As do i believe Magento or PrestaShop is similar.
    concrete5 IS a good CMD for a news site.

    There are hundreds of CMS's Just need to know what you want it for, look at bunch of different ones, and try them. fidn the one you like.
    Here's a few others SilverStripe, Cushy CMS, Frog CMS, MODx, DotCMS, Radiant CMS. Or build your own :-)

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    As far as I know that for forums it is phpbb and vbulletin and for social networks I would suggest Dolphin, buddypress, oxwall and also most know joomla and wordpress.

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    Jun 2009
    I've found Joomla's major issues to be that Version 1.x is using an extremely old codebase and version 2 is still incredibly buggy.

    Loving the new WordPress

    Never enjoyed Drupal due to it's very minimalistic installation. Takes longer to get it going, but obviously means it's more customisable from the start.

    Checkout Concrete5 as well, it's really making headway in to becoming mainstream.

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