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    Apr 2012

    Thumbs up Getting worse... time to say Good bye

    Had service with Jumba for over 5 years now, introduced scores of client over, but I have noticed it is getting worse and worse, so , it is time for me to look for new hosting!

    I have noticed my files are going missing, (from different accounts), whole directories goes missing.

    When we ring up, Jumba is now asking for credit card number first, we now have to purchase "Friendly phone support", and unfriendly phone support was provided when credit card number is given in the form of "send us an email". Tried this before, no useful information was ever provided.

    Oh well....

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    Jan 2011
    Ever short end of the stick or never rang their support. Jumba's support detail/attention to the issue has never been short of expectations. And I ahve high ones for professional companies as Uber.

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    if you've never rang support, how do you know they'll meet your expectations?

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