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    Have I outgrown Jumba? (Without going to a VPS)

    We've been happily running our website off jumba shared servers for the past 4 year. Up to now we've found the shared business plans to be all we need.
    I'm now noticing that our resource usage is too high. We are constantly maxing out our CPU usage and hittig up against the max of 20 processes. This is causing errors between us and paypal as well as causing the website to crawl at peak times.
    Clearly we need to upgrade but Jumba don't have any higher spec plans without moving to a VPS. I don't want to go down the VPS route yet because I'm not technical enough to manage it myself and by the time we've paid for it to be managed and paid for all the things we will need to run our current eccomerce website we will be looking at well over $350/month. I can't justify spending that amount a month yet. Currently we only paying $19. I know this is a tiny amount and I'm not complaining about the quality of the service we get for this amount. I guess I'm looking for something in the $50 - $100/m range. But Jumba (Uber) don't seem to offer anything higher (without going to a VPS)

    Am I missing anything here or do I need to switch?

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    Phone up there support, have a chat and they get you something surly.
    1300 855 554

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