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    Jan 2011

    Debian Lenny EOL

    Hi Jumba ppl,

    have noticed upgrading my VPS was not working properly due to Lenny at end-of-life status. Also noticed that others have been affected by this six months or so ago (dunno why it's taken me so long to be affected - maybe it's just taken me this long to notice .

    I understand the inability to upgrade, but was wondering, based on this:
    Heather Lansdowne said: The Kernel cannot be upgraded from within a container. This upgrade is performed on the Virtuozzo hardware node. We only upgrade the Virtuozzo kernel every so often however we ...
    a) when the next 'so often' is (ie when is the next planned kernel upgrade)
    b) whether this upgrade will invisibly happen or require us to do something

    Also, if the upgrade isn't planned for a while, are spots available to do a cancellation/re-sign up with Debian squeeze.

    many thanks
    love your work


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    Dec 2011
    I'd been meaning to do a new signup/transfer to upgrade Debian for a long time and looked into it again the other day.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the Virtuozzo VPS products are no longer being sold by Jumba. They used to recommend signing up for the UberGlobal Geek VPS beta service, but this has now been discontinued. Jumba sales provided two alternatives - changing to an Uber VDS1 VPS ($1188/year) or AussieHQ VMware VPS ($594 for first year with EOFY promotion). At those prices I think I'll stick with Lenny! Apparently they won't be introducing another Virtuozzo product in the future.

    I would be very interested to hear if Jumba intend to support existing VPS customers indefinitely or if there is an end of life date that we could be informed about well in advance. If support will be continuing for the foreseeable future, it would be great if it was possible for technical support to manually assist with the Linux distribution upgrade process - setting up a new container and giving one free week or thereabouts of overlap for the data migration to be performed.

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    Oct 2010

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