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Thread: Site Issue

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    Unhappy Site Issue

    As i have never had any issue with the hosting or the site,I have never had any reason to
    look at the usage of the site.However today when i loaded up my homepage I see that i have used up my 25gig
    of bandwith for the month....Not good..
    After looking at the usage for the site i see that the last 2 months usage March 24gig April exceeded limit..
    Looking into the last year of STATS i see the sites usual bandwith is around the 10gig mark...Thats a massive increase of Bandwith over 60 days.

    I am no web designer or programmer but i do know its not possible for the site to use that much bandwith in 30/1 days.
    Any insight to what i need to be looking for would be a great help...


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    Hi Andy,

    If you let me know what your domain name is I can ask the support team to investigate for you


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